Value your dreams


I always wanted to be a lawyer, professor and writer. Long ago I talked to my God of Israel about it, then asked God to bring it to pass if that dream was from Him.

Within twenty-four hours, I had my first writing assignment from a newspaper. I got paid fifty Euros a story, and I’ve been writing ever since. Sometimes, we get a vision of ourselves doing something.

We might get an inkling or even have a dream where we see ourselves doing something in the future.

We might get a feeling that we’re about to become diplomat or astronaut (more difficult). Or we might have a dream in which we see ourselves moving into a new country like the United Kingdom.

We might be driving by a neighbourhood one day and get a special feeling that it would be right for us to live there.

We might get a hunch about a career-oriented event.

Some people think these little hunches or dreams are our soul’s way of remembering what it came here to do.

We see a flash: a dream, vision, or a special feeling of what’s coming next. Maybe your dreams about what you want and what you’d like are more important than you think.




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